Saturday, September 09, 2006

Knitting with Auntie

I met my Aunt in Funkstown on Friday at this cool little shop. Every two weeks they have a knit in and my Aunt had been inviting me for some time. There were about 7 of us, including the owner of the shop, all working on different things. I had not taken a project with me so did some shopping (okay, more than some) to start something. I bought this, which will be a poncho. I've been dying to make one! I'm hoping to finish it this week to wear to the Maryland Wine Festival. I was a delightful little gathering and I plan to go back. The shop itself is pretty cool. I don't know actually if it is any better than others I frequent, but it's always nice to see fresh yarns, models, and patterns. I spent way too much money to have more projects to finish!

We went from there to the Offray Ribbon outlet. Holy Moly, that place is overwhelming! I could not just buy ribbon for the sake of having ribbon. There was way too much to choose from. I did buy probably a thousand yards (only slight exageration) of a heavier ribbon to make patchwork belts. Guess what everyone is receiving for Christmas?!

From there we had a yummy lunch at The Funkstown Tavern, the local watering hole. Basic hamburger, french fries, and draught beer. Mmmm, I love a beer at lunch once in a while.

We did a little running around in Sheperdstown, then I needed to head back to Hagerstown and wait for Emma. We were meeting for her to come home. It was a nice homecoming. She was very chatty and positively beaming with college life. What a welcome change from having to light a fire under her butt just to apply and visit. Let alone what I had to do to encourage her to stay at the campus once we arrived to move her in. She's such a good kid. The reunion between sisters was so sweet. Audrey was at a football game at the high school, so we went there to pick her up. Audrey went running towards Emma and literally jumped into her arms. They hugged and laughed! So glad to see each other.

I had a wonderful day with my Aunt and then in the evening with my children.

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Rabbit Stitchings said...

Okay the Offray Ribbon OUTLET...sign me up!!! That had to be fun fun ...

Sounds like you had a super day!