Thursday, February 07, 2008

Quiet Thursday Morning

Our morning started nice and slow. It was just what was needed around here. My Handsome Prince slept in, Audrey and I up at our usual hour of 6am. I had time to brouse a few blogs, have a couple phone conversations, and connect with MHP. We sat across from each other, each on our laptops, talking in between our various doings on the internet. I was relaxed and ready for Pilates, able to make that mind/body connection a little more efficient than tuesday, and came out feeling like a dishrag, squeezed and rung out till almost dry. What a great feeling to work that core like that! The day from then on went from one thing to another, working with my Seniors, attending a funding meeting for the Y, home for a quick shower and change, then back to work again. Met a couple girlfriends at the bar for a beer, then home to bed.

I was asked to help do some fundraising for the YMCA's annual campaign which funds sholarships for children and families, I think, who are not able to afford to join the Y or various things the Y offers. At first I thought, shit, I've been snookered into crap work. Then I thought about what the YMCA has done for me. I love my job. People want to be there. The Y has done nothing but enhance my life, from keeping me in shape, to meeting new, and very good friends, to inspiring me to pursue different things. These are just a few things. If the Y can impact my life in this manner, what can it do for a child? I have a different perspective. I will make a pledge. I will willingly make these calls. I will tell my story and ask for money. I will ask my classes and I will do my job. I guess they asked me for a reason.

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