Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Art at Aunt Dana's

Okay, first let me say, I'm an idiot. Remember my dreams of skirts? Well, I had the same kind of thoughts about today. My sister, her kids, and probably her dog were all coming over to help me get ready for a party, make ornaments, and have a fun artsy/craftsy day. I imagined taking lovely photos of kids at work on projects, hands, nature, dogs, and using it for my post. Well...let's just say it did not quite go that way. One was done in 10 minutes, the other required my help on the machine, the other tried constantly to sit on the dogs, while the dogs tormented my cat, who was hiding under the woodstove, which was extremely hot. At one point Sambino came out of a bedroom covered in powder. Luckily he contained his spill in a box which promptly got shoved right back in a cupboard. I am totally not ready for a party but I got my ornament done.


Runner Gurl said...

I know I shouldn't be giggling, but I am... just a bit. I can just PICTURE it!
; )

g.... who ran an itty bitty three miler tonight without any pain in the hip... YIPPEE!

Mama Chelly, Abalicious, Ckarl and Bino said...

But didn't you have FUN?!?
Nothing like a bit of a chaos to put things into perspective...