Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 5

I have sent so may text messages and emails that my eyes are blurred. If you don't hear from me personally, come here to get the news.

TGFO! Thank goodness Friday's over! What a rough day. Sometime during the night My Handsome Prince's abdominal discomfort became so bad it caused some shortness of breath. An EKG was ordered along with a CT scan with contrast of his chest, one to rule out a heart problem the other to rule out more blood clots in the lungs. The good news is that both are free and clear including the previous clots. The bad news is he has post surgical ileus, a paralysis of the stomach. To deal with this, he is not allowed any food or liquids until his stomach starts working on the body's own fluids. He also has a tube inserted into his nose, down his throat to his stomach to pump out the extra fluid. The abdominal pressure has been relieved but he HATES the tube. Time is the real healer though. They keep saying one day at a time, so cliche but oh so true.
He has a new brace on his leg which provides a lot more support but he has not moved since it was fitted. Hopefully he will get put of bed today with physical therapy so he can experience it. It goes around his hips all the way down to his foot. 
The tv has been activated, he has his computer and he is texting and conversing, all signs that he is back on the path to recovery.
Leaving the hospital these days has been so difficult. I feel so sad, so guilty, so tired. I know that I must be on my best game every day to ask the questions, demand the answers, get the scoop. I only stayed until 7pm on Friday and got home early enough to enjoy a bourbon on the deck with Emma and Apple Sunshine. A good end to a long, difficult day.
Today, Saturday, is a new day and full of promise. Pat texted me at 7am, his dressings have been changed and the incision/wound appears to be healing (a concern after 6 surgeries already using same incision site and radiation). He has already had his morning x-ray and has to have the tube another 24 hours. Physical therapy will be here noonish to work with him and his new brace. We are watching a Rawhide marathon, young Clint. See? Full of promise (and naps).


Dan Mckee said...

That tube is painful. It was the worst part of my cancer surgery. His stomach will start working again, I had that as well.

Hang in there soldier! You are both soldiers!

Thanks for this blog Dana, it has allowed me not to have to bug you directly.

My bestest :) thoughts for my buddy!

Dan Mckee SFC Ret. MDARNG

seaneedles2 said...

you do such a wonderful job of keeping us all updated.Sounds like he's doing well.