Saturday, May 25, 2013

The 12 Days of Hopkins

Finally, Friday was discharge day. It happened within an hour. We got the news a bed was open at Good Samaritan Rehab, insurance approved the stay, ambulance transport was on its way, port flushed, IV removed, room packed up and off he went! I had to go buy The Man some shoes and socks for therapy. I must say that communication and openness is not one of his doctor's strong points. We were totally unprepared for this though the questions were asked initially, hence having to buy shoes and socks.  It was such a strange feeling to be leaving Hopkins. We were so anxious to leave yet I felt a bit of sadness. How do I express the gratitude to those who were so caring? I knew the names of over a dozen nurses, techs, a nurse practioner and a few doctors.  I wanted to wave and yell thanks! You do a good job! Like the man a couple rooms down the hall did. Instead I thanked one nurse and walked slowly down the hall by myself a bit teary, a bit relieved, and a bit nervous for the next part.

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Molly's Family said...

Is Good Samaritan a part of Hopkins? Didn't know if this is the rehab you were considering across town that was still part of Hopkins. So glad that you finally got a room and the therapy can move forward. Hope you found some shoes and socks for Pat! Some doctors lack good communication skills even though they may be fantastic physicians. It can be frustrating. God Bless all of you!