Friday, May 03, 2013

Sh*t Happens

We arrived in Baltimore in time for scheduled testing and a consult with the plastic surgeon and then home to Mt. Washington by early afternoon. I spent the afternoon reading on the deck while Pat attended to a house issue, still unresolved. In the middle of this ordinary afternoon, he received a call from Hopkins stating that his insurance did not approve the surgery yet and did we have tens of thousands of dollars to pay for said surgery instead. Come to find out, the papers were not even submitted until yesterday afternoon. Because we generally do not keep that kind of money and it would require some work to acquire it, Hopkins decided it best to postpone the surgery. WTF?
We made numerous phone calls, texts, emails to all involved. One wise man told me that maybe it was just what Pat needed, more time to heal physically and spiritually. Shit happens and the healing way to deal is to find the positive, not always easy, especially when you just want to blame and bitch. But we are doing just that. Last night we had a great evening with our daughters and their manses. Today I will walk the hills of Mt. Washington and visit the arboretum on this lovely spring day. We will head to Wenck the Farm, Sissie's place for a bonfire. I can not hardly contain my excitement at being able to attend The Maryland Sheep and Wool Fest, church at Christian Temple and lastly a crab feast at The Millers. Family and fun time not centered around a holiday or treatment or illness. And hopefully when we get home there will be one more opportunity to have some fun with Mom, Auntie and dear friend, Kae.

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do give your mom big hug for me please,