Monday, May 06, 2013

The Weekend was Just Allright!

Allright or Epic, depending on your era :-)
After our initial bitch and blame session, we jumped right in to having a good time. We had reservations at Birroteca, a place we had been thinking of for a long time. A huge beer list, wonderful pizzas, and time with our gang couldn't have started the weekend better. Friday morning, Emma and I took two walks, one power and one to Whole Foods for a little shopping for our gathering later in the evening at Wenck the Farm. Good food, nice wine, and laughter in abundance at my Sissies. My heart was so full I held back tears.Saturday was the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival, the place where I bought my first knitting needles. Audrey went with us and we met up with our friend and short term housemate, Becky, who when we first met refused to hug and now gives the best, heartfelt, real hugs. I felt loved. I was unsure of whether I would have a car full of yarn or be so overwhelmed that I bought nothing. Well, I was on the side of overwhelmed. What I enjoyed were the hand knit garments I recognized, including seeing half a dozen color affection shawls a project that is currently on my needles, Next time my strategy includes a chair and knitting and notebook and my friend Randee. We ended the day with dinner and a movie with our gang again. We can't have too much time with them lately. On Sunday, drinking our coffee, we held the debate of whether to go to church or not and whether to go to Lansdowne (Dad's church) or Christian Temple (our previous home church). By the time we developed enough energy or drank enough coffee to make a decision it was too late to get to the former in time so we decided on the latter. Good decision. We walked into Christian Temple and received the most unbelievable welcome. The NG Church Band was doing the service. They were great! It was so different for MHP not to be part of the band but so great to just listen, hum, and move with the music. He was honored as one of the original members.We ended our time in Westminster with the Miller's at a crab feast honoring Bill and Suzan's Australian guests. We gathered again with family, the beginning and end of our time in Baltimore. Yes, the weekend was Allright! And I am exhausted. We are home now awaiting news.

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You are loved!