Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tomorrow- Day 11

Each day it's "tomorrow looks good for discharge from the hospital and admission to rehab" and each day My Handsome Prince remains in the same room in the same building. Physical therapy in the gym is fantastic. It is two therapists on one patient.They ask us both what our concerns are, what we want worked on, yes both of us! They know I will carry on at home. Our biggest concern is the car right now, how the hell to get in and out without breaking those hip precautions. The desired rehab facility at Hopkins is full and won't have a bed until the weekend is over so we are looking at another Hopkins facility on the other side of the city. Tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed. If not he will graduate before being admitted.  At this point I still think rehab will give him/us some great advantages and learning experiences that we will not get otherwise.  And we've been sent home unprepared before. I am determined not to let it happen again.  While the man may rock PT, OT is another story though he did learn to put his pants on today.

And just because I love these people so much! 


Anonymous said...

Awesome picture! A very happy holiday weekend to all of you! The Mckee's

Molly's Family said...

Great Picture! Hope Pat gets to move soon. Sounds like he is doing great with therapy. His support team is doing a great job, too.
Molly's Family