Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 9

I feel so self centered today. We do not turn on the television much while we are in the hospital. The mornings are very busy with doctor visits, physical therapy, occupational therapy, visits from social workers, rehab representatives or whoever the person of the day is. Then after several hours of this, My Handsome Prince needs quiet and rest so he sleeps while I play music or podcasts. We completely missed the Oklahoma tragedy until late at night. I can not even imagine. I just whisper my hopes and thoughts for these affected and hope they hear them in someway.

Things are progressing for the Man. He continues to work with physical therapy, assisted and reminded of certain things and so determined. Systems are working so the tube should be out by this afternoon. That alone will be enough progress.  We are hoping for discharge from the hospital tomorrow and admission to rehab. 

Marie comes home tomorrow. I have not spent any time in the house. I leave early and come home late. I hope she is not too surprised to see me there!

And today I thank my daughters for their strength and support. They may not know but their visits, phone calls and check ins have kept me going. They may have thought they were visiting their Daddy but they were holding me. I love those girls.


Molly's Family said...

So glad that Pat is making good progress. Hope he is soon released and gets into rehab quickly. You and your family are so supportive of each other.......that is great medicine. Take care and may God continue to heal Pat and bless all of you.

Texan said...

Yesterday while in my garden working I thought about you, wondered how you and your HP were doing. Hoping you were doing good. Sent up good wishes for you guys and told myself I would get on the computer and check on you.

Here checking on you :O). (HUGS)