Friday, April 28, 2006

Audrey's jeans

Audrey had this pair on jeans that came from her sister. I think Emma had worn them on a work trip or something and had gotten paint on them. Audrey did not like them and they sat around for a while. Inspiration hit a couple weeks ago when A took a pocket off. Then they just sat. Apparently, inspiration hit again, and out came the paint, duct tape, sharpies and scissors. She slashed, painted, and taped to her "Hearts" content. Notice the handprint on the butt, somewhere on the inseam towards the bottom is the word love. I think they are totally cool and totally Audrey. What a creative kid!
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em said...

luuurve the jeans. have been wanting to junk some up myself for a long time! now i am re-inspired!

blair said...

Love these jeans!!!