Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Make do crazy quilt

This project fits in perfectly with Use What You Have. It was started in June of 2003, when a neighbor and I went through our stash and crazy pieced blocks. Our goal was not to buy anything new. Well, we ended up buying a small bit of floss and rick rack, but that is it. We barely made a dent in our fabrics, but I have definitely gone through some DMC floss. Through the years we have been slowly embellishing the blocks. I have 30 pieced blocks half of which are embellished. One of the problems I have is going back to blocks that I finished and deciding they need more. In this block, the pink with Audrey and a rose on it is from a stocking she made in Girl Scouts (?), the dog is from a sock that she decided she wanted to cut up and keep the dog, and the blue on the left is a favorite shirt, so soft. On to the next one. Posted by Picasa

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