Friday, April 07, 2006

She's Home

Li'l Sister went in for surgery on Wednesday and came home on Thursday. She was one of the few people who have completely ruptured the tendon that connects the hamstrings to the bone, or one of the lucky few who have been diagnosed. She is in a brace from her hip to her foot, keeping the knee in a 90 degree angle, hip flexed slightly back. She can not sit. She was brought home in a van with all seats removed and just about the entire household's supply of pillows. My sister is the most amazing woman I know. She did not utter a complaint, in fact had quite a sense of humor about going commando. Her kids missed her terribly, especially Sammajamma, who just did not know how to act, fuss, laugh, or sleep. I will be going back as often as possible to do whatever I can. I am so relieved that the surgery went well. It will be a long road to recovery but she can do it. BTW, the WWW is amazing. During the time between the diagnosis and surgery, she found someone who had undergone the surgery (there are not many done) and was in contact with this couple. They kept her informed of the man's progress and let her know what kinds of things to expect. Wow!

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Jeanne said...

How's your sister doing? I've had total knee replacements on both knees, so I know just about how much fun that rehab will be for her :(