Thursday, April 13, 2006

Use What You Have

I finally had a chance to photograph this week's Use What You Have projects. After shopping at Anthropologie and other various stores, I noticed a lot of the clothing is embellished. Rather than spend bucko bucks on new stuff, I added to one of the skirts I already owned. I'm so please with the results. All I did was add the lovely white cotton lace onto the bottom of a skirt. Made all the difference in the world! Really sparked the skirt! The little purse was made from a chenille/courderoy skirt purchased from Goodwill years ago (with no project in mind) and some leftover cotton fabric from a jumper I made my sister at least 15 years ago. I found the snap grommet kit in my container of trims. It's just big enough to fit my wallet, cell phone and keys. Perfect! I'm still working on a stuff sack for Audrey made out of a linen spread that got destroyed by a certain dog (I'm not naming any names).

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