Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I've been tagged!

What I was up to:

20 years ago: I was newly married (1 year), looking for houses where the real estate was so ridiculous that buyers had to put in bids over the asking price. You snooze you loose, was the motto. We bought a sweet little cape cod type house in town. I believe this is also the year my Mom signed me up for a quilting class as a birthday present.

10 years ago: We had an enourmous snow storm that year. So much that it prevented entrance into vehicles. A huge snow blob fell off my neighbors roof onto my brand new car and dented the roof! This was the year that My Handsome Prince had his 5th surgery to reconstruct his leg from a cancerous tumor. This was the surgery that pretty much saved him. We got to pick him up in a limo, curtesy of his Dad, the girls were thrilled to death! Both to travel in a limo and get to bring Daddy home. We bought our third house, the one we are in now, for the view. We also attended MHP's 20th high school reunion.

5 years ago: We started our camping trips with other families. This first one was a spur of the moment thing and we've been doing it ever since. We attended our first Military Gala. We had beautiful Christmas weather that year as we have a family photo of everyone outside enjoying the day. Emma mad 15 polar fleece boas that year and hasn't picked up a pair of scissors since. Our friends, Doug and Sherry, married, both diagnosed with cancer, Doug dyeing the next year and Sherry now a survivor.

1 year ago: My Handsome Prince and I celebrated 20 years of marriage! We spent 5 days kayaking and biking along the Potomac river. We had the best time!!! I lost 20 pounds. Sammajamma came along. Best summer ever! Lucinda Williams concert, along with Chesapeake Bay Blues fest with Dr. John, Shamekia Copeland, Delbert McClinton. Hmmm, who else did I see? This was also the year of the lice infestation. Who has ever heard of high school and middle school kids with lice? Ugh! Li'l Sister ended up with it too a couple months later. OMG, never forget that!!!

1 month ago: A lot of time blogging. Tasha and I really started to work out and hang out. Military Ball. Went to Audrey's drama productin which was quite a hoot! Always makes me feel like I'm doing the right thing running them around. Emma turned 18. I started being more productive and creative (even though I still feel like I get nothing accomplished).

Yesterday: Trying to get motivated after the trip to Boston, but unsuccessful. Managed to run 3 miles after a cycle class so felt like I was on track with training. Ran the kids around like crazy! Managed to get Emma's audition for scholarship recorded, pick Audrey up from school, take E to get hair dyed and skin tanned (West Side Story is this weekend). Audrey and I ended the evening watching our favorite together "24".

Today: Taught kickboxing class, lifted with Tasha, cleaned house, sent out open house e-mail invitations, taught cycle and bodysculpting classes. That's about it and that's about all I needed! Although a glass of wine and some stitching are in order later this evening.

Tomorrow: Plan of action is to swim then cycle. The day is free until 2:30ish when I meet Tasha to lift, then work 4-9pm. I plan on a little relaxation during mid day, pulling some sort of handwork out. And My Handsome Prince comes home from Italy!!

Thanks Jeanne! That was kind of fun! Lisa, do you feel like joining in?

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