Saturday, November 17, 2007

What's Not to Love?

As I knit, I remember wearing that dress, or the favorite T-shirt of Emma's, or how cute Audrey looked in a certain outfit. These thoughts along with the fact that this is a gift for Christmas, that I am a bit in the lead concerning gifts, and that it's part of the handmade pledge bring me peace. I really, really, love knitting this.

Amidst staff meetings, kids coming and going, dogs playing, Mom came over bringing subs and her project. We spent a lovely afternoon in the sunroom crocheting, knitting, talking, and dreaming. We don't do this often enough.
A meteor shower tonight, the girls and I planned our hot tub outing, turned out all the lights in the house, but a malfunction in the hot tub and hazy skies foiled our plans. So I knit, listening to Sounds Eclectic on the radio and they watch their favorite episodes of The OC. While we could be together, we are all quite content in our own setting. The only thing missing is the Prince.

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weirdbunny said...

OOh now that looks good, is it a rug ? I want to do one of those plait rugs out of old clothes. A good winter project !