Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Audrey and I went into Baltimore yesterday to meet with Sylvia. Sylvia is 89 years old and runs a food pantry out of a small church. Single handed, for the most part. She drives a PT Cruiser. I met Sylvia about 9 months ago, through Mom, when I asked her to present her story for my Everyday Inspiration Sunday school. I chose her because she lives and breathes as every day is a blessing and a gift from God. She is funny, tells a great story, loves to talk, is fairly liberal in her thinking, and is a servant. Born Jewish, she learned the New Testament by reading it to her Mother in Law, and was baptized a Christian at the same time as her infant child. Back to Monday. Sylvia had 25 families to feed for Thanksgiving through the food pantry. That meant 25 boxes of mashed potatoes, 25 boxes of stuffing, 25 cans of cranberry relish, 25 loaves of bread, 25 dozen eggs, 25 cans of corn, and so on and so on. Who do you think buys all that food? Shops for that food? Humps that food into the church? Bags that food? Distributes that food? You got it, Sylvia. Audrey and I thought we would help. I shopped with her while Audrey and Sylvia's great granddaughter put out what they already had. Then assembly line style, we put one of each into brown paper bags. While we were working, Sylvia's granddaughter was going in to the hospital for emergency surgery. I heard her speak to her granddaughter and at the end of the conversation, Sylvia said "God Bless You." I have never heard those words uttered with such conviction, so heartfelt, so loving of child and Lord. God Bless You, Sylvia.

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