Friday, November 16, 2007

Girl's Afternoon

Silly girls. It's girls day/weekend. My Handsome Prince is off on the shore, attending to matters of state and matters of a new home. Audrey and I made plans to go thrifting, simple dinner, and a movie. We started our afternoon returning library books so I don't have to pay someones salary (which I do quite often despite how easy they make it to not have overdue fines). I had not showered, opted for a nap instead. I was dressed in BDU pants, over sized hoody, pink polar fleece, down vest, scarf, and (in Audrey's opinion) a geeky hat that made me look 10 years old. She made it apparent that she did not approve of the outfit. So...turning from the outside book drop, I started to do a model turn, open the vest, swing of the scarf, but as soon as I started, Audrey made a head/eye motion, and a man exiting the staff exit was right in front of me. I burst into laughter, he said "I didn't see a thing", and Audrey was hysterical in the car, in total disbelief that I made such a fool of myself, and did not care. I had tears streaming down my face. We went to a local bakery for coffee and goodies and up to Goodwill. She was looking for a sweater to make into legwarmers, I was just looking. We came out with sweaters, skirt, and a set of dishes all for a song. I followed Runner gurl's lead, and made this delicious pizza with what I had on hand, chicken, pesto, broccoli slaw, and cheese. A fine Friday night.

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