Friday, November 09, 2007

S'cuse Me While I Get Sick

Should I vomit because I may have a second home/second mortgage? Or maybe because I let My Handsome Prince put in a contract on a home I've never seen?

My Handsome Prince works on the eastern shore. We have been looking for a house on the shore. It is a huge PIA. When he find one he deems worthy, we must look, for it might get snatched up. We are unsure of what we are looking for or even where to look. The options seem endless. Our vacations have been interrupted by house hunting, I've spent days on the shore and never even seen the water. Sometimes, I get a bit resentful. I have to continuously remind myself that these little sacrafices will find me on the water on a regular basis. I'll be able to take an evening stroll on the beach whenever I want. I dream of a screeend porch, music playing, cocktails, card games and visitors. Don't forget the outside shower. I do enjoy our short trips in the car, though. We converse, I knit or read, we listen to good music or a book on tape, I nap. We talk about the houses we are going to see, our hopes, our plans, our future. I just did not feel like going on this last trip.

Well, he found one. It's in the big town of Dagsboro. It has 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 garages, a pool, and a nice deck. It's bigger than what we live in now. You can see the water tower and walk to here, cool little movie theatre. It is 11 miles from Bethany Beach. Emma already has plans to live and work at the beach this summer. While it does not have a screened in porch or outside shower, it is in town, which I love. I'm a townie. I'm anxious to find the places that the tourists don't know of, to explore the area, to find the Mexican food, to have visitors, and strolls on the beach in off times. Oh, and I also have this book.

Will you promise to come visit?


Anonymous said...

Aunt Phyllis will definitely come to visit.

I love it. You can start a Curves Franchise or open your own Fitness Center and teach your own classes designed especially for the age appropriate population. I'll get my bike in shape and my butt in shape and come over to go on bike hikes--Delaware is Flat!
Good luck.

Mama Chelly, Abalicious, Ckarl and Bino said...

I don't think you have to worry about people coming to's the "when will they leave?" part that should concern you.
I'm (along with my tag-a-longs) are there.
I'm vomitting.

Runner Gurl said...

A pool?! I'll bring my water wings when I come!
; )