Saturday, November 24, 2007

They Won't Be Around Forever

After hearing this phrase for my entire married life, it is unfortunately ringing true. Who knows what has kept Shorty around 94 years. After the passing of Eulala, he has succombed to his congestive heart disease. He and his daughter, my MIL, did not make it out for Thanksgiving, so we went to them today. The four of us, plus two puppies, plus My Handsome Prince's Sister and her family went to see Shorty and Carolyn. He looked good and did not require much oxygen, but this was a good day. Emma remarked that there could not be a cuter, small old man than Great Grandaddy. He sat in his chair, smiled, asked for food, took a nap when told, and ate his requested apple pie. He was happy today with his flock around him, not really hearing the conversation, but alert in observation, loving Apple on his lap, holding the hand of whoever was next to him. I'm glad we went, for my husband, for my children, but most of all, for Shorty, for it was a good day.

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