Sunday, November 04, 2007

Be The Change

This morning I woke about a half hour before the rest of the house had to get up. I got my coffee, took the dogs out, checked my email, and a couple blogs. Very peaceful. I had not done that in a while, risen before anyone else. I woke My Handsome Prince and he announced that we had to change the clocks tonight. That was when I realized I awoke and HOUR and half before anyone else had to. Of course, the clocks were to be set back at 2am this morning. It made for a leisurely morning.

That gave me time to think. Today I had to get to church a half hour before it started to get guidance as a deacon and special circumstances, which I really did not receive. Then was supposed to stay for a congregational meeting, lunch, and the band playing, which I did not stay for. Then required to go back for youth activities at 5pm. All of this along with the fact that we live 35 miles, 45 minutes to an hour, from church. Along with the fact that I've been asked 3 weeks in a row to bring food for some social event and last year we struggled to feed a homeless shelter once a week. Along with the fact that I never speak to anyone at church during the week, only on Sunday. No one calls to just to say hello, it's only when they want something. I started to complain and realized I was just as bad. I only helped with the homeless shelter once last year, I never contribute to the Thanksgiving dinner for shut ins. And I never call anyone just to say hi. So to see a change I'm going to be a change. I will send a card this week to someone and make a call just to say hello to one of our family friends. I will see what they need for the Thanksgiving dinner both here and at Mom's church where she works. I will look for other avenues to make that effort rather than getting mad at the situation. Be the change.

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Jeanne said...

Ah, thanks -- this is just the advice I needed to hear today! I have an area of my life that needs changing, and I'm going to stop fussing about it and take care of it.
I hope your church situation improves just the way you're hoping it will.
Hugs ~ Jeanne