Saturday, November 10, 2007

Internet Finds

Marketplace today was on consumed. Food/trash for thought, literally.

Love reading this guy

Want one of these in my beach house

Going to see this tonight

This is how I found blogs

A lame post, I know. Today was a slow, easy day. Sometimes that's just what is in order. I've starting my Christmas shopping, made Thanksgiving plans, finished knitting a Christmas hat, and am now sitting at my computer, wasting time, drinking a glass of wine, listening to Public radio, with a cute puppy sound asleep beside me.

1 comment:

Runner Gurl said...

I've got pictures of those appliances EVERYWHERE... in all my notebooks and house folders. They are WAY expensive, and so dang JUNE CLEAVER that I could spontaneously combust with joy.

This wasn't a lame post, biker gurl. I had fun going thru your links.

*toasting you with my diet coke* (I was going to have wine, but I am so thirsty from my run that I think I would GULP it... *giggle*... and then pass out in the bubble bath I am headed to take. It's that whole swimming issue again).
; )