Sunday, November 18, 2007

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I have so many things running through my head, so many desires, so many aspirations. Currently, I'm looking at going to school. I never went to college. During the college search for Emma, I realized that, while it was not for me then, it is now. I want to attend the local community college, focus on Health and Exercise Science, exercise track. Then again, anything artsy fartsy turns me on, and after a visit to the local Holistic and Therapuetic Health spa, I'm thinking, Hmmm, or is the Om? Oh, and I want to be fluent in Spanish, that's the direction the community I live in is going, along with the shore home. Add to that the fact that I have wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition since my friend Lisa did, at least 10 years ago, and there just happens to be one in the spring. Oh, don't forget the house on the shore. I want to live there during the summer. Maybe I could work at the local coffee shop, get dreadlocks (yes, they are a desire, too,) and work at the surf shop (no I don't know how to surf, but I'm sure I could learn), or maybe be the umbrella girl at the beach. Let's not forget that I have a puppy and am a clueless operator, so dog obedience and maybe agility is in order. She is a working dog and would love a job. Back to the spa, Yoga would really help me make that mind/body connection and maybe I wouldn't feel like I'm falling apart. After today's sermon, about first fruits, the idea of several years ago came back - teach sewing lessons to women from Prisoner's Aide. Does everyone's mind race like this?


Rabbit Stitchings said...

ok I am sure now that we must have been twins seperated at Birth! LOL , hey your post makes me feel so much better :O)... Ditto on most of what you typed! I am currently planning to enroll at the local junior college if I don't weeenie out again, I have as of yet been able to determine what courses I should go for...

I have always wanted to enter a Body Building contest!

I started learning spanish a few years ago and ahhhhh well didn't continue, which my husbands says is a real shame as fast as I seemed to pick it up... oh gosh... seeeeeeeeee... its scarey...

The years is coming and I think we should go for it! The going for it part is kinda scarey, but ahhh well at 40 somethings it seems things are getting less scarey than they were at oh 20-30 something LOL

Runner Gurl said...

Biker gurl.... It is SUCH a blessing to have so many wonderful interests, luvs, and desires to choose from!!!!!!

Just pick something and start, darlin'... always leaning towards what makes you feel most healthy, strong and centered in the world.

Some day we will be wise old grannies who've DoNe iT aLL at least once.
; )
Our eyes will still be sparkly and FULL of life. Our blogs will still be full of adventures we've had and new ones we want to try.

*toasting you with my diet coke*
HERE'S to lovely FULL lives, gurlfriend! May we always be happily on the edge of our seat!

weirdbunny said...

Oh my goodness you want to do so many things. And there I am happily plodding though my day's lacking ambition as always. But then the kids are still at school, and maybe my desire to change life is waiting for me around the corner ! ~ love Julia x