Monday, March 20, 2006

10 things I've done since my last post

1. Father/daughter evening - My Dad took me out to dinner to The Chameleon Cafe where we had grilled quail salad, escargot appetizer, and venison for our entree. Mmmmm. It was outstanding as usual. We split everything and still leave satisfied. From there we went to The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, where we heard an absolutely wonderful Mozart piano concerto. My Dad takes me out once or twice a year for this kind of evening and it is something I always look forward to. We don't get to spend much time together.

2. Took a hip hop class. I am definitely not coordinated! I found humor in that fact, although one of my daughters is just like me and did not find humor in it. I enjoyed the fact that both girls accompanied me to something that I want to involve myself in. I'm always with them and I just enjoyed that they would do that for me, too.

3. My Handsome Prince and I went to the Military Ball. One of the reasons for the dance lessons, although there was not much opportunity to use them. We still had fun.

5. Finished my fuzzy dice. Cute and silly. Gotta love them sitting on the dash of my truck.

4. Made two blocks for the block swap. Love, love, love it!

6. Went to my niece's gymnastics meet. Quite fun! She is good - and so graceful. There were 7 of us from the family that went to this (excluding her parents and one brother). I'm not sure but we might have made her a bit nervous, although I know she was quite excited for everyone to be there.

7. Got to play and hold my precious nephew. He is the sweetest thing! He was exhausted and still quite happy.

8. Somewhere in there, I watched Flight Plan - thumbs down, and Gladiator - thumbs up, although nauseating in its violence and its intent. Plus, seeing Jaquine Phoenix so evil!

9. Started really clearing out my sewing area. What a mess! I decided I am definitely taking part in use what you have month. I pretty much try to do that anyway, but somehow always accumulate more stuff.

10. Watched 24 - Audrey Raines?!!! Is it true? You can vote on the site.


Anonymous said...

You and your Prince look wonderful!
- Tas

Dad said...

We had a great wine, a Cote du Rhone, to go with the meal! The music, as usual, was wonderful! I look forward to us going together again when Marin Alsop, the new music director is conducting. Hope I get up to see you soon, Dana. My car needs some work so I will take it to Larry and come and spend some time with you.