Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Courtship

I have a new friend. She's a younger woman, to be exact 19 years younger. It's interesting how a new friendship forms. It's like a romance. We work together at the Y, so that's the start. Then the conversations about music. With that, I invited her to join us at the 8x10 club. After that, it was another party. We inadvertently met at the pool one day, discovering that we have that in common, too. Needing a boost in the gym, I asked her if I could lift with her. It's turned into a routine, lifting together a few times a week, cycling, swimming, going out. In addition to that, little gifts of ourselves, glimpses of our inner workings, history, music CD's, clothes, making plans. It's quite fun! Sometimes I can't wait until we talk again. Today we lifted, then out of the blue she called, offering to bring a dress for me to try on, and we will see each other tonight again, as I have to work and she will be going to class. It's like having a crush but yet different. Different expectations, I guess, or maybe no expectations, just enjoying each other. Anyway, thanks Tasha, I'm having a good time. See ya at the pool tomorrow.

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