Thursday, March 16, 2006


Today I got beautified. I love getting beautified! In getting beautified, I mean getting a trim, eyebrows waxed and the lip waxed, oh and let's not forget those stray eyebrows that for some reason grow on the chin. Ugh! My hairdresser used to work in this chic salon that served espresso and what not. All the stylists were young, pretty women, hair styles and colors always different. I was never comfortable there. Never felt hip, young, or welcome (other than my hairdresser). Now, my hairdresser works in an older establishment. Bad country station coming through a cheap radio, the smell of perm solution in the air, women under the old dryers. I love this place! The older women are chatty, sweet, friendly. There are always perms and sets going on and they just ogle my curls and want them. What a difference! So, I'm good to go for another 6-8 weeks.

I used to pay my kids 25 cents to brush my hair. It just does not work now. I wonder why.

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brenda said...

Sounds great! I just use my faithful tweezers, and yeah...those stray chin eybrow hairs have just started in the last year....what's up with that?