Saturday, March 11, 2006

Yes, my daughters rock!

One received a score of I at an all county music festival in a flute trio! On to the states!

One got her acceptance letter to Shenandoah University. Let's hope the money comes in too.


your favorite daughter =D said...

i never knew i could comment you mommy.
thank you mom. i love you. you rock too =]
p.s. did you know that is a goofy picture i took when i was with bridget and ashley so you can see the black lipstick on me? haha

Dana said...

I know and I love it! You look beautiful! Love your favorite Mommy.

YHP said...

Those are my daughters too you know, and I and darn proud to say that!!

Kae said...

What a wonderful way to catch up with the M family! (Linda Jane sent me the link.) You are all as beautiful as ever--oops, handsome too! We are good--happy grandparents of quite a beautiful baby G. You can visit our site for more--'fraid it's a bit stuffy cause it's for the biz. Let's keep in touch!