Saturday, March 25, 2006

Old bunny, new bunny and Sam's bunny

I could not resist making one of the bunnies from Wee Wonderful's freebie pattern. You will find other bunnys here. My first thought was to make my precious nephew an Easter bunny. It is made out of a suit jacket of my father's and cotton scraps from my stash. But I also determined that it MUST have satin/silky ears. Everybody knows that bunnies have the softest ears! Which in turn, made me pull out Pinky (male) my childhood bunny, whose satin ears are in shreds from the nighttime rubbing. Pinky needed a companion, so another bunny needed to be made, this one of course, pink. Posted by Picasa

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Mirre said...

Hi Dana,

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment!

Your wee bunnies are adorable and it's so lovely that you still have your cuddly from when you were a child!

Have a good weekend!