Monday, March 13, 2006

Spring is in the air

However, brief, spring is in the air. The weekend was absolutely glorious! Today we actually had time to enjoy it. After class this morning, MHP and I took the kayaks out to Codorus State Park. We paddled about for about an hour. It was great! What a great purchase those kayaks were! Once home, we left all the doors open so dogs and cat could come and go (we may be finding a few mice, too, but we'll deal with it). MHP stacked firewood, I pulled a few weeds (not many) and once Audrey was home, she fished leaves out of the pond. The frogs were out today. I think we counted 4. I love it when we lay in bed at night and hear the frogs croaking.

I had to teach again in the evening. It was a great kickbox class! I worked them hard (along with myself)! Afterwards Audrey and I constructed a book bag for her. She was tired of using her backpack and wanted something different.

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Don't bend your elbows!!!