Friday, March 03, 2006


A season of reflection, repentance, soul searching, taking stock. I've never been one to give up something for Lent. Truthfully, my days become so full, I forget to be thankful, take stock, pray, and appreciate the people, places and things that make my life full. Isn't that pitiful? I also know that it is typical. So, everyday, during this season, I will take stock and appreciate the gifts bestowed upon me.

Wednesday 3/1/06
Emma, who was born on this day 18 years ago, whose voice is like an angel, who has taught me to be a Mother to her, who strives to do what is right, whose faith is strong, whose heart is breaking right now.

Thursday 3/2/06
An afternoon with my sister and her baby boy, just playing. Watching the amazing progress of an 8 month old and the happiness he brings to those he sees. The opportunity for the most important woman in my life to meet the new woman in my life. Sisterhood, blood and not.

Friday 3/3/06
Family, silliness, fun, kids, taking advantage of these things and enjoying them with no pressure. With family near, we can take an evening and celebrate something or nothing, being together, laughing at others and ourselves.

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