Tuesday, March 14, 2006

SPT - Time - Guest appearance - Audrey

obviously, im super cool, haha, only kidding. but anyway, these are a bunch of pictures of me at different times. i love making goofy faces as you can see. but, i also like to be serious. haha, and i enjoy tricking my mother into thinking we are taking a smiley picture while i make yet again another funky face. i definately take my digital camera everywhere. ever since my mother gave it to me, i take it almost everywhere i go. when i went over to my friend kellys house, greg visited, and we took tons of pictures there. when i hung out with my friends ashley and bridget, we took pictures there too. wherever i am i am taking pictures just for fun. its kind of like my hobby, expressing my feelings through the faces i make, whatever they may be =] Posted by Picasa

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Daddya said...

I like it!!
Nice shot in the mirror!