Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My days

Typical morning today, which consisted of making breakfast for the girls, packing their lunches, phone calls from Mom, Dad, and Lil' sister, and neighbor, then frantically eating, dressing, brushing teeth and heading out to class. Today was kickbox class and then lifting with Tasha. We worked back and biceps and I have increased my weights and reps. I'm feeling good, although I have determined I need a massage. I might schedule one this week.

The first floor will get a once over with the vacuum and I will sit down to quilt. Little by little I'll get that quilt done. I have to go over to Lil' Sister's house to babysit today. I have two more classes tonight - Cycle and Bodysculpting. Afterwards I will help Audrey paint a T-shirt for her drama production tomorrow. Sounds like a full day. Here is the book bag Audrey and I sewed last night. She is quite pleased with it and has friends that want me to make her one. Smart child recommended they come over and make it themselves. I like the way she thinks! She was giving me a hard time about my work area. I need to get her in there more often, maybe more will get done.

I'm anxious to start on the blocks for the block swap. I've been checking out all the blogs of those participating to see if they have started and what they have done. It's so exciting!

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YHP said...

Nice tote bag!