Tuesday, March 28, 2006

10 Again!

1. Went to NCHS's Talent Show. I was originally invited by my Emma 3 years ago to attend this with her and her friends. I've been going ever since. It is MC'd by students, who are extremely obnoxious, sometimes cruel, but also hysterical! This year was a year of talent. Other years are not. The competition was tough. This was Emma's first year performing (even though I nagged the past couple). Unfortunately for her, she had a fever, was first to perform, and the sound system was not working. It was a frustrating experience for her. Also, the talent show was not that fun for her. I still had a great time!

2. Manchester Play, or at least that's what we have always called it. Somehow it is connected with either the Volunteer Fire Dept. or the Auxillary, not sure which. We have been going to this for about 15 years, only missing a couple. The cast has grown, but still has the "regulars". This is definitely something only appreciated by locals, or those with knowledge of Manchester and it's people. Always silly, always fun! We saw an old neighbor from about 15 years ago, we lived next door to her for 5 years. She whispered, "I wish you were still my neighbor". So sweet to be missed.

3. Wine Sale - I went to a wine sale, nowhere near me, and bought over a case of wine. It was dollar days where every bottle was only $1 over wholesale. Lil' Sister along with Sammajamma met me there. Wine shopping with a grabby baby was a new experience that I still loved! He is so cute!

4. NCHS Choral Boosters Fashion Show - My Handsome Prince and daughter were part of this. The chorus was showing prom fashions from Boscovs. They were escorted by people in service, so of course, Em was escorted by her father. They looked so wonderful!

5. Won two silent auctions. One for $200 worth of hair products. All of us girls are in heaven with choices, choices, choices! Another for a trivet made by Sandra Magsamen. I like her stuff but have never bought any.

6. Watched 24. I knew Audrey Raines was not guilty of selling information!

7. Played Euchre with my family last night. The girls were a team and beat us. They were having a ball and had a secret handshake with every trump they won! They were in rare form!

8. Missed the Brandi Carlile/Jamie Cullum concert at the 9:30 Club in DC. It was the night of the Fashion show (which I thoroughly enjoyed!). I sold my tickets to Thelma and boyfriend, who I called on the cell just as Jamie was coming on stage. They absolutely loved it! My job was done - turning someone on to excellent live music.

9. Went to Michael's with Mom. Mistake. Good thing it was not April yet - use what you have month. Actually, I did not buy that much and did replace a glue gun. It was nice. We used to spend a lot of time together crafting and shopping and don't get to anymore. When we do, it's a step back and quite enjoyable.

10. Nitty Gritty Church Band performed in Church. I love to hear my Handsome Prince sing!

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