Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday Night's All Right

Saturday night's all right! for more than one reason. The day is over, the worries and concerns over my children can be put to rest for another day. I'm going out with My Handsome Prince and we are going to bust a groove.

Recap - last night we went to dinner at Amer's to celebrate Emma's birthday. My Mom, sister, Abi, and Sam came. We ate, Emma had her cards read (which she said was weird), and watched belly dancing. I've decided that's my next career :-) It was a lot of fun. We did get up and move a little (our own version of belly dancing). Sam charmed the whole restaurant as usual. The next morning my clothes reeked of onions, spices, herbs, and whatnot! Whew!

I will reflect and rejoice on being a mother and wife. Not because it was a good day doing it, quite the opposite. Because I was harping on Audrey about various things, getting into Emma's business, and accusing my husband of not getting involved. Somedays are just like that.

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